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Aluminum Fences

Aluminum is a material that is perfectly suited to make fences. It is very weather resistant and is very durable. Fences are not always wood or iron, if you want a really high-quality and modern fence, try an aluminum fence. Aluminum fence panels can perfectly protect your property from prying eyes and protect your lot. State Fencing will make the best aluminum fence just for you!


Some of our most common wood fence options include treated pine and cedar; six foot and eight foot tall. The range of possibilities with wood fences are endless. From traditional vertical fences to horizontal, our team loves working with clients to build you a custom fence to fit your needs!

pretty iron fence

Durable and weather resistant, Aluminum Fences can provide comfort as well as style

stylish wood fence with gate

Weather resistant, classic, and stylish. Wood Fences are one of the best fences for your home.

composite fence

Composite Fence

Similar to wood fences, composite fences or fake wood fences offer affordability and style. 

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