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Wood Fences

When it comes to fences, a wood fence immediately comes to mind. Although wood is a fairly simple material for a fence, it can present itself as being one of our highest quality fences. Our company State Fencing offers consumers only the perfect fence. These high quality wood fences can last for decades and reliably protect your property from prying eyes. To order a wooden fence from us, contact us right now and get a consultation from a specialist of the company.


Some of our most common wood fence options include treated pine and cedar; six foot and eight foot tall. The range of possibilities with wood fences are endless. From traditional vertical fences to horizontal, our team loves working with clients to build you a custom fence to fit your needs!

Other Services

Electric Driveway Gates

Our gates are designed to provide superior security and reliability, and come with a range of options to suit your needs.

Fence Repair

State Fencing provides a complete range of fence repair services. Whether you need a repair to your existing fence, or a brand new fence installed, our experienced staff can help.


Our walls are durable, long lasting, and built to your exact specifications.

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